Rebirth of the Wizard and the Wand


gregor_workshopGregor Arturo Clary is an inventor with an extensive background in the arts, sciences, and philosophies involved in developing sustainable technologies in energy, transportation, advanced materials, architecture, and alchemical tools. He is currently based out of Los Angeles reestablishing a new workshop, and offering pre-order sales of tuned quartz copper wands to aid in fundraising for the new space and the production of these new generation of wands. Gregor has made over thirty wands in the past, as well as redesigning Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyff Tower for the past six years. He has since developed a tuning process to convert the internal acoustic pressure of the copper into an electrostatic pulse. Read on to learn more about the science and the grandeur of such an idea..

Tools of the Adept

Throughout time, the many stories of Man have portrayed the archetype of the hero as the grandiose savior of those around him. As our awareness continues to become more enlightened to our very nature as the moment continues to evolve, so do we begin to understand the hidden aspects of this archetype. The hero in essence is the divine reflection of the world around him that he or she seeks to create. The hero does not play the game of victim consciousness, and thus are the hope in which the story speaks of. The hero embodies their courage and confidence in what they feel is “right,” yet in the world of non-judgement it is a place of being they are emanating with their actions. They feel compassion, joy, unity, and peace, if not just the very potential of it. Yet the strength of Man has been both limited and extended in a world adorned by tools. Alas, without such tools, the game becomes ever so challenging, if near impossible.

The Druidess of DeliaFor as Buckminister Fuller, the father of the geodesic dome movement, has said many times over, “a tool is an extension of the self, nothing more.” At the core of the shamanic warrior, is the understanding of how all can be brought into coherence outside the world of war and violence. And it is the tools of both the physical and the aetheric that allows an individual to harmonize their environment as one. They are the conductors of the orchestra. We only need to change the music we are choosing to lead others in. And as is said, that the change begins with the self.

As the individual becomes in coherence with oneself, thus they are ready to extend their true being throughout the world around them, but again only as a reflection of the world they choose to embody. This is what Jesus did upon his time on earth. I embody compassion, and thus my world becomes compassion. It becomes intrinsic to its nature. And that is where these alchemical tools of the adept come into play. Harry Potter with the wand, Gandalf with the staff, Obi-Wan with the lightsaber, Frodo with the ring, Dune with the spice… The tools are mere objects without their masters, and can be deemed as weapons to the unaware. This goes hand in hand with many of the philosophies found throughout martial arts.

The Rebirth of the Wand

wand2When I first moved to Asheville in 2010, I was working with a pneumatic twisting machine typically used for making ornate wrought iron gates and fences. I was applying my understanding of helical geometry from my pioneering work in vortex based mathematics. This area of study involves the archetypal patterns within number systems and the intrinsic geometries and harmonics of flow forms. Essentially, this is the holy grail of cosmology as physics and math is united under a specific framework of motion itself. The helical geometry I was most focused on was a triple helix consisting of three wires twisted together. At first, I was creating large tubular members twisted together for a Tesla Tower. This is a radiant energy system that is akin to a radio antenna but fundamentally different in operation. While working on this project, it came to my attention I could turn these triple helix tubes into lightweight staves, and even more so I can make wands out of 4 gauge copper. So it began. Little did I know was that my artistic endeavor on the side, would soon walk right along side with my scientific pursuits with energy and power.

wand1Before I took a position at a research firm in Oregon (one of the more haunting decisions in my life which I have since grown to accept), I had designed and created over thirty different wands which all now have homes to new owners (my personal wand has since been lost). What I discovered very soon after creating them, that the experience associated with using the wand with dance was extremely profound. In essence, the wand was an extension of the practice of “gloving,” which relates to Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and energy work in general. Gloving was originally developed with the rave scene at the turn of the century, as the enhanced awareness from higher serotonin levels gave rise to the coherence of the individual’s hand chakras with the aetheric background of spacetime. The metaphysical development of energy work over the proceeding years furthered this art into a deeper understanding of the swirling and vorticular nature of aether, chi, and chakras. Celtic knots represent flow forms of these systems, and are described in more detail in my Theory section, including a greater scientific emphasis on the one-dimensional constructs of aether and chi. Here is a demonstration of me using the wand with movement back in 2012 (@ 2:54).

The basis to understanding energy systems is the nature of pressure as found with earth’s weather systems. Hurricanes can be simplified into lower dimensional flow forms as toroidal sink holes that allow for the self-organization of energetic potential. The entire universe is under pressure of all different forms of various dimensional constructs from light to sound to gravity. A human has the ability to create and organize a sink hole for such energy without the need of any tools. Alas, a tool can drastically amplify this process a thousand fold. However, the true process of manifestation is collapsing said potential into work, be it healing or force. Stable flow forms within the aether can be generated that are directly reflective of atomic structures, and so in forth is the creation of matter. Collapsing a flow form is in essence a “big bang,” and can be seen with the phenomena found in sonoluminescence which is still currently being disputed in academia where the excess energy is coming from. The leading candidate for the cause is the Casimir effect, which is the generation of standing waves between two plates nanometers apart from fluctuations in the vacuum. This effect I theorize can exist as well on the macro level as found with palms facing each other. It can be extrapolated even to a larger level in which stars are spherical mirrors resonating with the vacuum fluctuations between each other.

The Triple Helix

The greatest secret of the wands lie within their helical geometry.  In the Coils section, I discuss the beauty of the double helix and its significance in relation to the magnetic field, at least the generic sense of the magnetic field we all normally utilize in modern technologies. The beauty of the triple helix, and any of the higher complexities of helices, is they allow for a fractal distribution of the energy potential and work throughout the system. When a conductor wound in this fashion, such as three pieces of bare copper twisted together, is electrostatically polarized, as the energy accelerates into the system it will always flow along the path of least resistance, which in the case of the triple helix creates a set of angular relationships within the conductor of higher and lower densities of energy as seen below. To clarify, these are not opposing densities of energy, such as positive and negative, but are differentials of energy within the same polarity, and is only observable during the process of electrostatic polarization. As said, this is also a process of acceleration, for once a conductor is fully polarized, or no longer being charged, there is no more acceleration to the energy flow into the system, and has reached a constant speed, or pressure.

triple_helixWhen the system is initially polarized, due to centrifugal force, the electrostatic charges along the surface of the conductor collect along the outer edge of the tube of each helix (red points). This results in less electrostatic pressure along the intersection of the tubes supported by the concave geometry repelling like charges (yellow points). This intersection point wants to approach a state of electrostatic neutrality as any net polarization repels itself within the concave geometry. Due to both of these surfaces phenomena, results in an equal and opposite reaction on the interior of the helix with a centripetal vacuum of opposing charge (blue points). This effectively causes charge separation along the conductor with a non-linear electric field conforming to the surface of the conductor. This creates a three way sinkhole of energy into the system as aether is drawn into the higher density electric field inside the helix.  Most electric fields with traditional capacitors are linear, and the effect is almost non-existent. Any effects present are usually a result of natural imbalances within the electrostatic gradient. However, Leyden jars and other cylindrical capacitors, create a radial compression aspect of the electric field resulting in a non-linear gradient. Non-linear electric fields allow for the accumulation of aether within a system, and directly relates to Wilheim Reich’s research with Orgone energy and Townsend H. Brown’s research with electrogravitics.

Within the core of the helix, is a dielectric medium, or simply air. Oxygen and nitrogen are the primary components of air, while the former is paramagnetic, and the latter diamagnetic. This allows the magnetic field lines generated within the core to concentrate and self-organize themselves through the oxygen around the greater masses of nitrogen which is repelled by the magnetic field. Both are dielectrics that are polarized opposing to the electric fields produced by the conductor. However, the primary polarization in the dielectric core is in the form of a triangle produced between the three blue points. The electrostatic scalar value in this plane is constant and equilibrium with itself. As the helix twists, so does this triangular plane as it forms a distorted triangular prism with incroeasing electrostatic polarization within the axis perpendicular to the plane that is shown above, parallel with the axis of the helix. This creates an electrostatic gradient in opposition to the outer electrostatic gradient along the outer surface of the helix. The three triangular facets in the core between a yellow point and two blue points, creates a fractal distribution of the dielectric polarization that aids in pumping energy into the triangular core. The electrostatic scalar value of this central plane represents the energy storage of the system, in a two-dimensional sense. The two values of each extreme along the central gradient would allow for the appropriate calculation of the total volume stored within the helix, or said wand.

Overall, the triple helix is one of the simplest geometrical systems in terms of self-organizational processes.

The Constant Pressure of the Universe

The initial stimulus of pressure in the system is found within the intrinsic electrostatic pressure of the conductors. This includes both the wand and the user. Every point in space is essentially a singularity corresponding to a specific electrostatic scalar value, and can vary within different materials and organic substances. Conductors readily allow electrostatic pressure to redistribute themselves along the boundary layer between dielectrics. The infamous term scalar wave, and also in relation to torsion fields, is derived from the electrostatic and magnetostatic scalar values. However, with these scalar values are qualitative characteristics found with the torsional component of the scalar value, and equates directly to phasing and angular relationships. The zodiac is rooted in a 30 degree phased singularity creating 12 distinct torsional steps within the system.

If the user is also wearing a ring of zinc on the hand without the copper wand, there will be a dynamic redistribution of electrostatic pressure between the ring and wand with an electrostatic gradient through the human body. One could say the zinc absorbs electrons, while the copper gives them, due to the different intrinsic electrostatic scalar values of the elements. To note: I do not like describing concepts with particle theory as it is a theory that uses effects to describes more effects as all particle phenomena are observable effects constrained by a finite reference point, and not the unobservable causes infinite in reference.

This is the foundational electrostatic polarization within the system akin to a capacitor charged with direct current.

The Dance of Metal and Rock

Besides the electrostatic pressure of the aether, there is also the acoustic pressure found within the crystal lattice of the copper. This pressure has a phonon frequency of 44 megahertz. Phonons are the acoustic equivalent of a photon. However, this frequency tends be unclear in a signal producing lots of noise, and only becomes coherent when the user actually holds the wand in his hand. If the resonant frequency of the wand is a subharmonic of the phonon frequency, then it will begin to oscillate at its resonant frequency with the phonon frequency as an overtone driver of the system. The resonant wavelength corresponds to the length of the wand. When the longitudinal waveform travels through the triple helix and splits into three separate conductors clasp around a quartz crystal, the acoustic pressure will stimulate the piezoelectric properties of the quartz. As there is a rotary component to this waveform, there will be a greater density of acoustic pressure in one the conductors over the others at any given time that oscillates at 120 degree phasing of each other, akin to Tesla’s polyphase system. This differential in acoustic pressure around the crystal correlates into a rotary component as well in the electrostatic polarization of the wand, and facilitates even greater electrostatic compression at the tip of the wand as geometrical coherence is developed with the electrical current and the helical geometry of both the copper and molecular quartz. Quartz forms helical chains of silicon and oxygen parallel to the axis of the crystal. The piezoelectric properties as a whole allow for the overlay of an oscillating current over a direct current with no reversal of polarity in the wand, especially at the tip.

As temperature plays a part in the resonant phonon frequency of a material (as temperature is akin to the residual acoustic pressure within the system), the wands will be tuned to a temperature slightly below body temperature. The longer the user holds the wand, the more it is brought into resonance. To note, resonant effects always occur without pure resonance. Pure resonance allows for 100% retention of energy within every oscillatory cycle, and is equated to as the Q factor in physics and engineering referring to how underdamped a resonator is. If the copper is brought to the specific temperature in which it is tuned equates to a Q factor of 1, and thus the maximum amplification of energy within the system.

And So It Is

The main purpose of the oscillating signal overlaid over the electrostatic polarization is to induce the self-organizational phenomena of the triple helix as discussed earlier which requires a changing electric field and/or a changing magnetic field; an accelerative force to engage the centrifugal and centripetal nature of torsional flow. The self-organizational process allows for the accumulation of electrostatic pressure to the point in which the tip of the wand is subject to the greatest compressional forces. If the electrostatic pressure rises in the tip of the wand to a point of ionization, ionized air will travel from the trail of the wand. Ionized air is in turn plasma, and in greater densities will create light, as well as react dramatically to electrostatic and magnetic fields, which the wand itself is emanating. This phenomena can go in many directions from here, however, one of the amazing side effects of this process is the increased aetheric densities of light present within such spaces which translate into a higher vibration of consciousness within the vicinity and at large. This is described in my article on viewing the framework of consciousness as a pressure system itself.

This opens the doorways for a world we have only dreamed of in terms of how Man can dance with the elements. I invite you to participate and support my efforts as the adept walk in unison once again. Let us compose the story we choose wholeheartedly.

Pre-order sales of tuned wands have since ended with over $600 raised but are now offered through our Shop section.

Read more about dance, magic, and ceremony in this well written chapter from Mysteria Magica.

The video below is of the first of the two twister machines I have fabricated over the years.
The funds from the pre-order sales will be used to rebuild a third twisting machine.

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  1. Alice
    May 8, 2015 at 4:27 am

    Very interesting. I have ordered my wand.

  2. Dani
    May 16, 2015 at 8:36 am

    Also ordered mine. Can’t wait to see what you have in store 🙂

  3. Victor
    January 23, 2016 at 5:39 am

    Hi, Been tracking you for a while…since the Circle of Eight at FindArt. I wish I could have been the Ninth.
    All the speakers you had there sounded just like myself at some point in my studies. I’m 52 like Nassiem I’ve made a Great discovery about the true Nature of Energy.I think that You and The realVerbz could probably grasp and understand the Theory. So if its ok…I thought I would share with you guys Real Here and NOW…
    Free Energy as easy as it gets. Let me know if I’m over stepping wanting to Use you as a Voice Box in the FIELD.
    As for the wands/sensors….may i suggest inline Magnetic Compressor Array.The Hexagonal ring pattern you’ve
    chosen is a good example….1st ring is attractive magnets so they Clasp the crystal/cap. piezo-electric needs pressure to conduct. following rings are repulsive so as to increase pressures and sensitivity to External Magnetic Fields. The wands then act as Perimeter Field Ground Spikes for Circle Work…….you Grok?

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