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In 1899, Nikola Tesla carried out a series of experiments in Colorado Springs involving earth-ionosphere resonance and the fundamental principles of energy generation and transference. Between 1901 and 1905, he attempted to build an industrial size version of his apparatus from Colorado Springs, the Magnifying Transmitter, on Long Island known as Wardenclyff Tower. It would of provided all of the energy needs for the entire New York metropolitan area as well as been able to wirelessly send large amounts of power and information to smaller antenna systems. J.P. Morgan eventually pulled funding for the project whence he learned Tesla’s plans outside of only information transference, and the tower was demolished a decade later to cover part of Tesla’s escalating debts.


The current working theory behind a Tesla tower fundamentally relates to the earth’s electrostatic field. Between the surface of the earth and the surrounding ionosphere is an electrostatic gradient that fluctuates between 30-100 volts per meter of elevation difference. The local gradient increases steadily with higher elevation and peaks daily during the night and yearly during the winter.

A resonant circuit with a capacitive top load, or more appropriately stated as an electrostatic wave guide with a harmonic differential, can be used to redistribute the electrostatic pressure within the system under the influence of this external gradient. Through the use of either a capacitive or inductive discharge, such as with a spark gap, will create a shock wave that typically decays into an oscillating waveform that is resonant to the earth (quarter wavelength of earth’s circumference) if tuned properly.


However, the increasing negative impedance within the system due to various mechanisms (such as the negative resistance effects of plasma in the spark gap) results in the ensuing oscillating waveform to grow in amplitude and frequency as each consecutive cycle overlaps each other creating a fractal constructive interference pattern (Fibonacci based) in the wake of the shock wave of the Mach 1 type. There is a magnetic and electric aspect to this shock wave, with the traditional electromagnetic phenomena seen with Cherkenov radiation as well as with electrostatic phenomena and radial dielectric polarization. True wire resonance can be effectively achieved without a fixed quarter earth wavelength conductor, but through the application of the Corbino effect (radial Hall effect) to create a virtual wave guide that is modulated by its own intrinsic magnetic field. This allows for the modulation of the frequency as a direct effect thereof which can generate a fractal interference pattern of the harmonics of the Schumann resonance. When the proper geometry and harmonics are applied, the resonant field that is generated results in a gradually increasing divergence in the magnetic vector potential. As the divergence increases, so does the local electrostatic gradient in direct response. This exponentially increases the electrostatic pressure along the wave guide. This aspect is the magnification phenomena Tesla discovered while utilizing an extra coil with his traditional Tesla coil setup.


All antennas tuned to the same frequency, regardless of phasing, will respond to the same distribution of electrostatic energy around the planet. Phasing of the signal allows for greater efficiency in energy transference and generation, and fundamentally relates to harmonics. As each tower is essentially its own gear cog in the aether, they will organize more potential if the system is phased correctly, and will most likely do so on its accord (path of least resistance). The effect is more pronounced over greater distance, against our assumed intuition. This allows for key facilities, such as Wardenclyff, to be built and utilized as the primary power plants to subsidize all the smaller antenna systems, such as for your home. This way one does not need a single large antenna system to supply their energy needs as the power grid is a symbiotic system with exponential self-feedback. The grid becomes a vast reservoir of energy that uses its own energy storage to create excess energy to be utilized with a load.

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  1. RJ
    February 6, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    Best advice: 1. Go to university and get a degree in physics. 2. Add mathematical proofs, or a reference and link at the end of every unproven claim made (pretty much every sentance in this article).

    • Gregor Arturo
      February 6, 2016 at 10:24 pm

      Or option 1B. Just build it. 2B. A university gives you an honorary degree.

      Funding currently in the works ๐Ÿ™‚

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