Star Coils

When the string data from Vortex Based Mathematics interweaves to create second dimensional matrices, they represent the boundary layers of toroidal flow forms of longitudinal, transverse, and standing waves, specifically including the phase relationships between energy and work exchange. Polygrammatic figures found throughout occult and religious studies are the apparent geometries depicted by the matrices such as the pentagram, hexagram, and octagram.


The most profound of these matrices is a set of three 6×6 matrices shown below. Each one of these matrices are 120 degrees out of phase with each other, and form the geometry of a hexagram (Star of David) through abstraction of the vibrational waveforms. The information in these matrices can be applied to the magnetization process of a hexagrammatic shaped electrical conductor which creates a magnetic field aligned perpendicular to the twisting direction of the double helix. The magnetic field naturally wants to curve around the surface of a double helical conductor versus a single conductor as it expands and contracts with the helical geometry. The magnetic axis, also known as the magnetic vector potential, rotates in congruence with the double helix for a total of three complete revolutions. When a ferromagnetic substance is permanently magnetized with this process, this creates a solid state rotating magnetic field that is very similar in concept to Nikola Tesla’s AC polyphase motor.


The coil creates a divergence in the magnetic vector potential without bucking magnetic fields, and thus effectively modulates the local gravitational field through lower order vorticular dynamics. Typical magnetic fields tend to have only a single magnetic vector potential emanating from a single point in space (ie a singularity), and results in an infinite magnetic density gradient. When the input energy is removed from a common helical inductor, the magnetic field collapses at near the speed of light. When toroidal coils are magnetized with this process, the magnetic vector potential is rotating in and out of the toroidal core. The helical core surrounding the toroidal core represents a higher order pathway of a singularity which in turn is a closed loop ray of light. This allows for a finite magnetic density gradient resulting in a slower decay of the magnetic field directly in relation to the magnetic gradient and the speed of light. This is primarily accomplished with the interweaving of the conductors, and thus the associated magnetic fields (ie Celtic knots) as seen above.


In terms of application to energy systems, this allows the generoactive cycle to realistically self-organize more energy than is lost to the entropic cycle within a resonant oscillating system. Typically this is observed as an increase of negative resistance within the circuit, and explains the noted phenomena with current demonstrable overunity technologies if the negative resistance can overcome its positive counterpart. This can be accomplished on a large scale with multiple coils in tandem in specific geometric configurations. In essence, the star coils are the aetheric gear cogs that can effectively resonate with cosmic vorticular forces.

Handmade star coils can be found in the Shop section.

3D printed star coils can be purchased through ShapeWays. The pentagram, hexagram, & the octagram are available in plastic, ceramic, & metal.

Note: The difference between the hand made and the 3D printed is the hand made have a twisted lattice structure, while the 3d printed versions and subsequent cast models do not. Also, more funds go to the artist for the handmade. The geometry on the 3d printed versions though is perfect. Energetically, the hand made ones have a nicer feel, especially in copper.

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  1. Gordon FitzGerald
    August 15, 2016 at 5:09 pm

    I discovered the 124875 independently, 20 years ago. I call it the polyharmonicule, and have conducted many thought experiments with it. Some of my findings include: it is both the reduction of binary and pentiary, in simultaneous counter-rotation ; also, it is doubly embedded in the 24- string reduction of the Fibonacci sequence

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