New Framework for Aether Theory

The basis to a radical shift in our cosmological perspective comes from the very basis and constructs of perception itself, which at its most intrinsic nature is purely metaphysical in context. Our current paradigm focuses on the reference point of the vacuum of space, or the emptiness and lack of matter, while our perception of these systems is also rooted in a Cartesian coordinate outlook. To give greater context for some of my insight into these technologies presented herewithin, a brief synopsis of my current working dimensional theory is herein presented.

The reference point for a fractal system is any aspect in a neutral state of infinite potential or a pure inertness (ie God is the grey).

This can extrapolate into the zeroth dimension in which a fundamental polarization exists between the infinitely small and dense (ie singularity; particle) and the infinitely large and expansive (the vacuum of space, the inverted room or container). That being, a particle is unable to exist without the vacuum of space.

Vortex based mathematics alludes to many of the fundamental patterns in the first dimension which involves string data of phasing qualities akin to music theory. A metaphor can be used of stored sheet music that is not currently being played in this moment. In physics, these rays of light are your infamous dark energy or scalar waves, which is indeed a neutral grey of shadow and light. The scalar component, of the wave function, originally defined by Maxwell in his famous equations, consists of only phasing information without any magnitude, thus a vectorless quality. Science has been dominated by the notion of quantity and has overlooked the significance of the scalar component. The coherent interaction of phasing qualities from non-kinetic scalar constructs (ie singularities) gives rise to one dimensional torsion phenomena.

As the phasing information within the torsion component interweaves into longitudinal standing waveforms, transverse toroidal waveforms give rise in terms of surface planar phenomena. These are electromagnetic waves which radiate perpendicularly outwards from colliding rays of light causing the fundamental polarization among centripetal and centrifugal forces (ie light and shadow). The light we think we see is in essence the ripples being produced from rays of lights directly interacting with each other. This interaction of rays is more concisely understood as a dimensional transition process, and allows for the potential information stored within the scalar component of the waveform, to be collapsed into observable phenomena.

When the radial component of the magnetic field, commonly referred to as the magnetic null zone or bloch wall, is aligned with other interacting magnetic fields along a surface, a spherical electromagnetic container is created of opposing magnetic fields that allows for scalar rays of light interacting with the transverse electromagnetic waves to give rise to three dimensional longitudinal pressure waves inside the electromagnetic bubble. The container is more akin to a theatrical hall while the pressure waves in the system, as standing waves are formed from acoustic reflections within the interior, gives rise to the vast assortment of the particles mainstream science has been postulating. Thus, particles are complex acoustic standing waveforms. The fractal interaction of these standing waves creates the true illusion of solidity as everything ‘observed’ is solid due to the relativity of the frequency bandwidth between the observer and perception. The exact process for this electromagnetic-acoustic dimensional transition I am still currently observing and understanding to thus fully articulate and define.

The higher dimensions are the continued evolution of these perpendicular inversion processes and the further redistribution of aetheric density to greater expansion and complexity.

  2 comments for “New Framework for Aether Theory

  1. April 25, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    I was fascinated with the read though I only understood it spititually, as a sense, not intellectually because I lack your scientific or educational background. Your wording parallel Richard Bartlett who can be found on YouTube. He speaks of the torsion field of the heart as giving access to infinite possibility.
    Reversing those ideas and looking what’s happening in the world, it looks as though those who are working toward the NWO are utilizing mass consciousness to help create it by engender in fear and a sense of helplessness.
    Your vantage point and that of Richard Bartlett is that which I cling to as I watch the multitudes awaken from the slumber.
    Thank you for finding an audience to share your enlightened view with.

  2. December 16, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    Have you ever read some of the works of the famous physicist John Archibald Wheeler?

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