Body Work, Energy Healing, & Life Coaching

Gregor has been practicing the holistic healing arts for over a decade with body and energy work as well as coaching select individuals on their life path, providing both guidance and reflection. You can experience first hand his alchemical practice with the star coils and wands in a healing setting. Investing in yourself is one of the wisest decisions you can ever make. Well balanced integration of the body, mind, and spirit are key to our personal evolution. Gregor is also available for design consulting and mediation. He is available in person in Los Angeles & via phone/Skype.

healing_tableSessions can include:
-Energy Work/Reiki Healing (Clearing blockages & parasitic energies)
-Body Work (Deep tissue massage, neuro-muscular therapy)
-Akhasic Record Reading (Past life review/spirit guide conversation)
-Spiritual Coaching (Guiding through self-work)
-Relationship Coaching (Emotional communication, polyamory)
-Nutritional Coaching (Vegan/raw, digestion, toxicity)
-Invention Coaching (Patents, design consulting)


Inquiry for further details and to setup your own individual session or healing package via the Contact Section.

For an Akhasic Record Reading only, these sessions can be scheduled for $55 with short notice, and involves less than thirty minutes of your time.

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