The Illusion of Scarcity and Entropy

Gregor Arturo describes some insights into the current dynamics around human society, and how the constructs of scarcity and entropy have been holding humanity in a specific limited matrix of perception. This in turn fuels our inadequate economic and scientific paradigm hindering humanity’s physical evolution yet accelerating our spiritual evolution as we struggle to overcome such obstacles. Read more →

Manifestation and Hitchhiking

I recently posted this video after flying in from Denver to LAX and hitchhiking the 405 toward Santa Ana making it in two rides. I discuss some of the intricate dynamics of manifestation as our faith in the now continually evolves through our input and intent. This is after missing my flight two days early direct to Santa Ana. Why… Read more →

The Round Table is Calling

There are many key power players currently here upon the Earth. For their character are the keys to unlocking a potential of such profound beauty. The masses will follow in suit when fear is uprooted, and miracles are brought forth. But if you are one of the few who are truly awake, then step into your power. The comfort and… Read more →