Gregor Arturo Clary

Independent Researcher, Inventor, Futurist, Healer, Artist, Activist
President and Founder, Prometheus Initiative LLC
Engineering Specialist, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc
Founder, Maine Fire Dancing Collective

gregor_400xSelf-taught in the sciences, with more formal training in the arts and philosophies, Gregor excelled at independent study at a young age, especially in the earth sciences. His comprehensive background has led him to many original developments in physics, cosmology, engineering and mathematical theory. He has spent the last eight years establishing a unified cosmological framework rooted in vibrational mechanics and consciousness. With applied sciences, his experience includes electrical, aerospace, and material engineering coupled with fifteen years of design experience in 3d modeling, computer graphics, and technical fabrication.

His research developments in Vortex Based Mathematics led to the discovery of specific toroidal flow forms of electromagnetic phenomena that have many practical applications in regards to energy and transportation systems. Over the past year, he has been creating fourth dimensional models of the solar system to better understand the emergent behavior of energy exchange. He has been involved in various research and media projects around the country, in both leadership and management positions involving sustainability initiatives. He is currently working alongside Hyperloop Transportation Technologies as an engineering specialist involving the magnetic systems development of the high speed evacuated tube transport due to be built in Slovakia and Dubai. He recently solved an engineering problem with the passive magnetic levitation system by integrating it with the linear magnetic acceleration system.

Gregor’s YouTube channel currently has over a third of a million views including the recent release of his documentary The Secrets of the Universe. He has given over a dozen public talks promoting concepts of free thought and sustainable technologies.

Prometheus Initiative LLC
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Artist: Fire dancing, photography, sculpture, drawing, metal working, graphic design, improv

Scientist: Vortex based mathematics, aether physics, sacred geometry, geology, permaculture

Philosopher: Taoism, archetypal design, metaphysics, cosmology, veganism, wandering

Heptagram: Jupitergregor_talk
Enneagram: Visionary (7w8)
Sun Zodiac: Virgo
Moon Zodiac: Leo
Ascendent Zodiac: Capricorn
Human Design: Generator
Jung: Campaigner (ENFP)

Social Networks
YouTube (200+ videos, 350K+ views)
CouchSurfing (30+ references)
Prometheus Initiative (Facebook Page)

Professional Networks (auxiliary projects)
Noomap – Social media platform with holographic/geometric interface
Delphi Village – Transformation event center south of Las Vegas
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies – High speed evacuated tube transport project