Gregor Arturo

Sonicore System

The Sonicore System has been a two year research project up to this point for Gregor Arturo’s startup Prometheus Initiative. The basis of this research is to develop and fabricate an assortment of devices for the processing of raw material for the mining and recycling sectors through acoustic processes producing nanocrystalline substrate. The final product has extensive applications in material… Read more →

The Secrets of the Universe

Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Come explore a different perspective from the microcosm to the macrocosm in how the fundamental patterns of the universe interweave with the present moment to give rise to reality and conscious perception. Join Gregor Arturo on a presentation… Read more →

The Seal of Solomon

This short video includes the three 6×6 matrices from Vortex Based Mathematics that give rise to the pattern sequence of the Seal of Solomon, which is traditionally referred to as a hexagram in mathematics, and also known as the Star of David and the Star of Sol. This flow form is an idealization of Nikola Tesla’s AC polyphase motor which… Read more →

Letting Go of Atlantis

Gregor Arturo sends out an update of his work, including the new star coils, his latest projects with acoustic pulverization and energy systems, drops some metaphysical bombs, and talks shop on self-empowerment. Article on Star Coils: Pathways of Light Gold Hexagram Purchase Link Read more →

Star Coils: Pathways of Light

Since 2008, Gregor Arturo Clary has been researching the theoretical foundations and phenomena associated with toroidal inductor systems. He coined the term Star Coils after deriving the structures from the field of Vortex Based Mathematics with applications in both electrical engineering and human consciousness. These mathematical conceptions depict the inherent pathways of  light that interact with the human psyche and… Read more →